Our parents again!

The roles of a parent in the home goes beyond providing, food,shelter and the likes. As a parent you stand as Demi-gods to your children. Yes!

In this age we have found youths left to fend for themselves and struggle to get certain necessities
because our parents keep the old fashioned. You would hear them say things like: ” well in my time we had no shoes to wear to school. We had to go to school barefooted” or ” Oh! I was so young when I came to Lagos and no one took care of me. I just had to strive to make ends meet”. Of course all these happened and you survived. We thank God! But does that make it right?  Is it supposed to be so?  Why allow the past hunt the future? I’m not in support of spoiling a child or better still ‘spoon feeding them’ but I have to shed light on the ignorance of our parents.

Firstly, Never assume your child would ‘learn it at school’. Never assume that!   There are certain things your child should learn first from the house instead of picking it up from the classroom or amongst peer groups.

Believe me, you would not want your child getting sex education from her peers ,it ruins the psychological mindset of such a child concerning sex. A communication link should be created between the child and the parent at an early age, so as to build trust and understanding on a common ground.

I’m failing to understand why our parents find it uncomfortable to talk to their growing children about premarital sex and it’s dangers. Why it is hard for mothers to explain to little junior why he is starting to have ‘wet dreams’ or for dad to explain to young Ada that she’s becoming a woman and might experience awkward sexual urges!!

These are things children should learn from their parents. It’s their role to enlighten the children on these things and not shy away from them. This evasive behaviour has resulted to a society breeding confused teenagers, unwanted situations and unnecessary heartbreaks and pains.

Of course no parent can be a 100% PEFFECT but with their little effort and concern about their children’s upbringing, definitely we can have a changed environment and more youths psychologically ready for the trials of Life.

*©queenauthour *


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