The world has evolved so much that we all hide under the cloak of the modern era, we’ve forgotten the rules of life, and we prefer to go with the wind and tides of time.
Well, what am I trying to point out here?  
I’m simply bringing to our focus, the one big title; ‘virginity ‘ Oh! surprised? Don’t be, we all think about these things so why not talk about it?
So, If we have virgins in the house, say ‘Yaaay’. (A couple of ‘yaays’ I’ll be getting I know 😏) Also if you have never watched  pornography or even touched an opposite sex in a sexual manner, let me see you wink… Hmmm, anyone? I didn’t think so either.
Big question of the day, “are we really pure in the actual sense?” Some of us hide behind the masks of being virgins,  just because their hymen are still very much intact. Most virgins are virgins by virtue of the hymen. Yes! Many of us have forgotten the real implications of being a virgin, we have forgotten what it’s really about, we have judged others just because we also haven’t been caught in the dark of our own sins. We have wagged fingers at others, creating a shallow wall  of ‘imperfect perfections’, acting self righteous when we aren’t even worthy to be called chaste.
Virginity means ‘without sexual experience’ in short terms. That statement encompasses a whole lot more than ‘not just having sex’. You all know what I’m talking about right?  
I applaud all virgins out there, it’s an awesome thing to be one, especially if it’s for the right reasons that you are, the  reason which is for the sake of keeping God’s commandment. I appreciate all you who have the conscience to stay chaste, it’s very commendable I must say, especially in this time and age. 
But, note! To all you who are struggling to just be virgins for the sake of self appraisal and for all the wrong reasons in the world, take a self examination from deep within today as to why you are what you are.  
Let us stop deceiving ourselves; virginity is not a password to heaven, physical virginity doesn’t mean your heart is clean and pure. If one does not show love and compassion for his neighbour, then your virginity might just be pointless. 
Let’s not just be physical virgins, let us be true, pure and chaste of heart. Let us not judge anymore; help a sister or brother falling in the pits of sexual immorality, you are no better just because you haven’t done it!  
We have seen that God cares so much about the intentions as well as the actions (proverbs 16:2)

“All a man’s ways seem innocent to him, but motives are weighed by the LORD.”
This is to reach out to all of us who have gotten carried away and have just been trying to keep up appearances, let us do the right thing today, both from within and outwardly . 
Talk to someone today, have a change of heart and weigh your intentions to your actions.


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