Hey There!


Welcome!! Welcome!!

Yaay I’m so excited to finally be recognized online (is that even a thing sef?), if you are on my page right  now, say hi!!

Don’t mind me, I could get really goofy atimes, wait!!  I’m supposed to be anonymous. Hmm, I hope I haven’t given myself away😮..

Okay seriously, seriously, urrgh why do I always have to double my words.. Oh well,  here we go…😎

It’s a Wednesday, and it’s almost Christmas, chei! It’s not even looking like Christmas oo, everywhere  just dry like pfft …

Anyways, getting serious,… I want to say this blog is just all about ‘the regular African home’ ,the happenings there, and relatable experiences majority of us went through whilst growing, it’s also going to be a mix of my views on certain life issues and some random life thoughts.

Let me let it slip that I could be a feminist atimes. That by the way, just so you know, you’re on to a sicsillating 😂, captivating, exciting, captivating page , all the ‘ing ‘ that our minds can think of.

Follow a mind that conjures up the weirdest, ‘out of here’, ‘in between the lines’ thoughts,  on a never ending ride.

A heart that wants to reach out to the silent cries of teenagers who have been through all sorts of molestation, a writer that would bring out the ‘long gone  buried child’ in you,  and a soul that gives all glory and honour to God .

Don’t forget to subscribe, like, drop comments and show some love and support.

Thanks once again for reading through my ‘talk-talk’…that is if you made it this far without sighing once or twice. I love y’all already, and I’m ready to meet you. Much love…



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